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The Rock A Future Tour is a concert event set up specifically as a "last block" concert for the whole school. With additional set up and pre-arrangement, the event can also run as a larger evening event as a grad fundraiser or school talent show.

The tour event includes a Q and A workshop by the touring band "Childsplay". This Q and A workshop is open to all interested students that would like to discuss the many aspects of being in a band, from starting a band, touring and recording to instrument demos.

With our onsite education booth, information on careers and schools across Canada that focus on the entertainment industry, is available for students to take home after the show.

For the main event, we transform the school hall or common area into a Live Rock Concert featuring a performance by Childsplay. During the live part of the show we like to include local performers from the school to get up on stage and rock out as well. All levels of talent are welcomed and encouraged. The Rock A Future Tour is an exciting music showcase for the entire school. As well, any students that would like to indulge their photography or journalistic skills can get in the trenches and really get a feel for filming, shooting or writing about an event, this is a great opportunity.

2020  Rock A Future