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The Rock A Future Tour is an education and entertainment initiative aimed at inspiring thousands of students to follow their passion and provide them with direction and knowledge regarding various careers in the music industry. Designed to bring awareness and information directly to youth through high schools, youth organizations and communities.

Our onsite educational information booth provides a large collection of materials covering many aspects of artistic and business related careers and school choices available to them. This information is made available by many specialized schools, colleges and organizations from across Canada.

The goal of the tour is to provide youth a better understanding of the entertainment industry and what's available across this exciting and growing field. With this information provided by the tour, students are set on the path to further researching the possibilities that could await them within this industry.

Twelve Benefits of Music Education

The Benefits of Music Education


The Creative Economy: Work Force Preparation for the 21st Century

"Arts and culture, the creative economy represents $46 billion in Canada's economy. It is directly responsible for over 640,000 jobs across this country. And I can tell you that any government - municipal, provincial, territorial or federal - that says that it has a plan for strong economic growth but doesn't have a plan for strong support of the arts is a government that doesn't have a plan for economic recovery." The Hon. James Moore, Minister of Heritage

Though it's crucial to invest in math, science and engineering, there are other fields that hold more promise...Prefer a more artistic career? Our economy is poised to create new forms of entertainment, from rock 'n' roll and hip-hop to film and video games. Indeed, over the next 10 years, jobs in art, music, culture and entertainment will grow twice as many as jobs in engineering will. From “A search for jobs in some of the wrong places,” USA Today, February 12, 2006

What Makes The Entertainment Industry Special?

The entertainment industry is one of the most interesting and exciting industries in which to work. It is a creative industry. One that offers people the chance to be involved in the creation of art, even if they are not themselves an artist. Working in the entertainment industry enables people to spend time with artists and to gain an insight into the creation of entertainment products such as music, film, design, fashion, sports and many other industries.

People working in this industry can enjoy attending concerts, events and awards ceremonies, and spending time seeing the parts of the industry that most people will never experience. There is an element of glamour involved in the idea of working in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry can move and change quickly. It is about art and passion, which makes it an attractive business for anyone who wants to work with something that they love and to enjoy being part of a creative industry. It is an industry that is associated with innovation, art and inspiration, which makes it one of the most exciting and creative industries in which to participate.

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